Who am I?

My life is spent showing, photograping, designing ads, planning the next breeding, raising puppies, and all things Bulldog related.

Bulldography is what
I love!

Champ Camp

Ever wish your Bulldog would show like a Pro?
Send ’em to Champ Camp!



A good Bulldog gaits evenly and straight with a nice roll to show off the topline.

Crate Training2023-11-05T09:24:17-08:00

Travelling to the shows requires a crate trained Bulldog that is happy to be in its crate.


Teaching your Bulldog to enjoy the show scene


Specialty Shows2023-11-05T09:15:57-08:00

I am available to photograph your Specialty Win Photos.

Ringside Candids2023-11-05T09:18:16-08:00

While at the shows I do many ringside candids that may be purchased.

Custom Photos2023-11-05T09:19:54-08:00

I offer custom photograhpy of your dogs while at the shows


Ad Designs2023-11-05T14:17:49-08:00

Innovative designs incorporating your images.

Show Catalog Ads2023-11-05T09:13:08-08:00

Customize your Catalog Ad with a pro!

Bulldogger Advertising2023-11-05T09:14:33-08:00

Bulldogger Ads custom designed for your brags and events.



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